During a job interview, if I’m asked about why I’m looking for a new job, what should I tell a potential employer?


Answered by: ByVirtualist career experts

Discussing why you’re seeking a new job can be challenging, particularly if you’re leaving a job you dislike or had a negative experience with. Instead of dwelling on the negatives of your current position, it’s crucial to shift your focus to what attracts you to the new company or job and what excites you about embarking on a new opportunity.

Here are three examples of how to articulate your reasons for seeking a new job:

  1. Emphasize the aspect of your previous role that you enjoyed but was not your main responsibility. Highlight your desire to gain more experience in that specific skill set, and emphasize how the new job can provide that opportunity.
  2. Express your preference for or enjoyment of remote work, highlighting how working from home enhances your productivity. Explain that you are actively seeking a full-time remote position to align with your work preferences.
  3. Convey your aspiration for more responsibilities and professional growth, indicating that you have outgrown your current or previous position with limited opportunities for advancement.

The key is to steer the conversation towards why you specifically want to work at THAT company and in THAT particular role. By doing so, you reassure the employer that there are no major issues with your current job and allow them to focus on understanding how you can contribute to their organization. Honesty and transparency are essential, and employers will appreciate your straightforward approach.

If you are currently not employed and concerned about explaining career gaps, ByVirtualist offers resources that can help you effectively address this issue to potential employers.