How can I convince an employer to let me work from home permanently after the pandemic is over?


Answered by: ByVirtualist career experts

For individuals who desire to continue working remotely and are unsure how to initiate a conversation with their superiors, the career coaching team at ByVirtualist has prepared a downloadable PDF template specifically designed for requesting a permanent work-from-home arrangement.

To effectively approach your boss with such a request, we suggest following a two-step process:

  1. Initiate contact with your manager and/or Human Resources by sending an email requesting a meeting. This will serve as the first step towards discussing your work arrangement.
  2. Prepare a comprehensive proposal to present during the scheduled meeting. Your proposal should encompass the following key elements:
    a. Request for a permanent work-from-home arrangement.
    b. Clearly articulate your reasons for the request, highlighting the professional benefits associated with a permanent remote setup.
    c. Outline potential schedules and communication strategies that would be conducive to your remote work arrangement, providing specific details or scenarios.

The downloadable PDF provides additional guidance and offers templates for requesting the meeting and structuring your persuasive proposal to effectively advocate for a permanent work-from-home arrangement.

ByVirtualist’s career coaching team is available to offer further support and assistance throughout this process. Whether you prefer one-on-one career coaching sessions or require guidance in formulating a compelling pitch for your permanent remote work request, we are here to assist you.