How do I tell potential employers that I quit last job due to pandemic caregiving duties?


Answered by: ByVirtualist career experts

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that many professionals, like yourself, made the decision to become full-time caregivers during the pandemic. This unexpected reality has impacted numerous individuals. Fortunately, employers generally exhibit understanding regarding the temporary pause in your work history. The key is to confidently explain your situation while keeping your objective in mind: to demonstrate to employers your readiness and qualifications for the job.

Whether you choose to address this in a cover letter, resume, or during a job interview, begin by providing a brief explanation of your caregiving experience. It is not necessary to provide extensive details, only share what you are comfortable with. Next, transition to expressing your enthusiasm for returning to work and highlight how your qualifications align with the position.

Consider the following examples for incorporating this information into your resume (for cover letters or interview responses, you can expand upon these to form complete sentences):

“Temporarily paused career for full-time caregiving responsibilities during the global pandemic; Implemented an effective long-term caregiving solution; Enthusiastic and energized about reentering the workforce.”
“Carefully assessed caregiving options and personal safety considerations during the pandemic, leading to a deliberate decision to prioritize full-time caregiving; Excited and motivated to return to work.”

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