How is writing a resume for a remote job different than for an in-office job?


Answered by: ByVirtualist career experts

Resumes for remote jobs and in-office jobs share many similarities:

The format of a resume for remote jobs is akin to that of a traditional resume. When crafting your resume for remote positions, the Career Coaching Team at ByVirtualist suggests utilizing a combination of the “hybrid” or “reverse-chronological” format, commencing with a Summary and Key Skills section.

However, what sets a remote resume apart is the inclusion of any relevant remote work experience. Wondering what qualifies as remote experience? This encompasses part-time or full-time remote work, occasional or regular remote work, remote learning, and remote volunteering. If you believe that you were effective and productive while working from home and feel confident discussing it during a job interview, be sure to incorporate it into your resume.

Additionally, highlight your exceptional remote worker skills. Employers seek individuals who possess excellent verbal and written communication abilities. They value professionals who can self-manage, maintain focus, work autonomously, proactively express their ideas, exhibit a growth mindset, and demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning.

Incorporating these elements into your remote resume will help distinguish you as a candidate well-suited for remote work opportunities.