I want to change careers but don’t know what I’d like to do. How can I figure that out?


Answered by: Toni Frana, Team Lead and Career Coach

First, know that you’re not alone! The majority of our clients at ByVirtualist, working closely with our Career Coaching Team, are grappling with the same question. They are aware that they are ready for a new job or career, but they are uncertain about how to initiate the process.

Undertaking a career change involves a crucial phase of self-assessment, research, and evaluation—a step that should not be overlooked. It is common for individuals to focus on escaping from a dissatisfying job rather than actively pursuing a fulfilling one. However, to conduct a successful job search, it is important to shift our perspective and concentrate on exploring roles that genuinely resonate with our interests.

How can you begin the process of self-assessment and exploration? We encourage you to watch this enlightening video!

In this video, two expert Career Coaches from ByVirtualist, Tracy Capozzoli and Rachel Adkins, will guide you through the effective utilization of interest assessments to uncover new career possibilities and job opportunities.

This video features:

  • CareerOneStop.org’s Interests Assessments tailored for career changers.
  • Exploring your assessment results with the aid of a valuable resource called O*Net.
  • Utilizing the Advanced Search features on ByVirtualist to discover remote and flexible job openings that align with your newly identified career interests.

In addition to exploring your interests, we highly recommend utilizing our 4-Step System to Choosing a New Job or Career. By the end of this process, you will have curated a shortlist of genuine job ideas that truly align with your aspirations. Furthermore, the system provides guidance on the necessary steps to take once you have compiled this list.

If you are seeking personalized support and guidance during your career transition, our dedicated Career Coaching Team is here to assist you. We are committed to providing the necessary support as you navigate this transformative phase and seek a fulfilling professional path.