If a job listing doesn’t say it’s definitely remote, how can I ask about it during a job interview?


Answered by: ByVirtualist career experts

Before inquiring about remote work during an interview, it is essential to conduct thorough research to determine if the company offers remote opportunities.

If you come across any remote work mentions on the company’s career page or other sources, you can ask a question such as: “I noticed that your company promotes remote work opportunities. Could you please clarify if this is applicable to the role I am applying for?”

Consider using the following approaches to discuss remote work during an interview:

  1. Inquire about the team’s work environment: “Does this team typically operate on-site, or do remote work arrangements occur regularly?”
  2. Seek clarity on the company’s remote work policy: “Could you please provide insights into the company’s stance on remote work?”
  3. Explore the impact of the pandemic on remote work: “How has the company’s utilization of remote work changed due to the pandemic?”
  4. Discuss remote work possibilities in the specific role: “Is it common for individuals in this position to work in the office, or are remote work opportunities available?”

For more comprehensive guidance on addressing remote work during job interviews, refer to our detailed resource on the topic. At ByVirtualist, we strive to provide you with the necessary tools to navigate this aspect effectively.