Samples, Templates, and Scripts for Resumes, Cover Letters, Follow-Ups, and Other Job Search Necessities


Answered by: ByVirtualist career experts

ByVirtualist maintains this comprehensive collection of samples to assist job seekers in various common job search scenarios. Our dedicated team regularly updates these resources to ensure their relevance in the ever-evolving job market.

Below is our extensive library of samples, templates, and scripts designed to support your job search:

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► Resume Samples

Sample Resumes (PDF)

Highlighting Technology Skills on Your Resume (PDF)

Crafting an Effective Summary and Skills Section on Your Resume (PDF)

Addressing Career Breaks and Employment Gaps on a Resume (PDF)

Customizing and Tailoring Your Resume for Specific Job Listings (PDF)

Incorporating Additional Related Experience on Your Resume (PDF)

Presenting Unpaid Experience on Your Resume (PDF)

Showcasing Freelance Work on Your Resume (PDF)

► Letters

Sample Cover Letters (PDF)

Prospecting or Cold-Calling Letters to Approach Companies of Interest Without Listed Job Openings (PDF)

Follow-Up Communication When Holding an Offer from Another Company (PDF)

Following Up on Job Applications Without Receiving a Response (PDF)

► Other Job Search Essentials

Job Search Action Plan (Word)

Job Search Tracker (Excel)

Selecting and Preparing References (Word)

Proposal for Permanent Work-from-Home Arrangement (PDF)

The T-Approach: Easily Identifying Your Qualifications for Any Job (Excel)

ByVirtualist is committed to providing you with valuable resources and support throughout your job search journey.