Should I apply for this job? I’m not sure I’m qualified.


Answered by: ByVirtualist career experts

The Career Coaching Team at ByVirtualist frequently encounters this question from job seekers who express concerns about their eligibility for a position. Many individuals believe that they can only apply if they meet all the qualifications listed in a job description.

However, we advise taking a different approach: If you possess approximately 60-70% of the key qualifications outlined in a job listing, we strongly encourage you to consider applying!

While it is common for job seekers to experience doubts when applying for a position, women, in particular, tend to hold themselves back. LinkedIn’s Gender and Job Search Report provides insightful data on this matter:

Both genders engage in similar job browsing activities, but their application behavior differs. Women often feel the need to meet 100% of the criteria, whereas men typically apply after meeting approximately 60%.
After reviewing a job posting, women are 16% less likely than men to submit an application.
Women apply to 20% fewer jobs compared to men.
It is important to remember that a job description represents the employer’s wishlist, and it is highly unlikely that they will find a candidate who possesses all or most of the qualifications. Nevertheless, it is crucial to ensure that you do meet around 60-70% of the qualifications, and that your relevant skills and abilities are effectively showcased in your resume.

At ByVirtualist, our focus is to empower job seekers and encourage them to pursue opportunities where they possess a substantial match with the required qualifications, increasing their chances of success.