Should I put my COVID-19 vaccination status on my resume or LinkedIn profile?


Answered by: ByVirtualist career experts

The answer to whether you should include your vaccination status on your resume or LinkedIn profile depends on the type of work you are seeking.

For fully remote positions, vaccination status is typically not a relevant factor as remote employers are not bound by the same vaccine-related mandates as onsite companies. Therefore, there is generally no need to include your vaccination status on your resume or LinkedIn profile.

However, during your research on the company you are applying to, you may come across their specific vaccination requirements for employees. If the company explicitly states that employees must be vaccinated and you meet this requirement, you could consider adding your vaccination status to your resume.

For more information and commentary on this issue, you can refer to the article mentioned.

If you are not vaccinated and applying for onsite jobs, we address these specific situations in the following questions:

  • How do I communicate to potential employers that I left my previous job due to my refusal to be vaccinated, resignation, or termination?
  • How do I inform potential employers that I am not vaccinated due to health reasons?

ByVirtualist’s career coaching team can provide further guidance and support in navigating these conversations, whether you prefer a one-on-one career coaching session or assistance with addressing these concerns during a mock job interview.