Should I use social media in my job search, and if so, how?


Answered by: ByVirtualist career experts

Unless you are specifically targeting job opportunities in the social media field, the primary social media platform to prioritize during your job search is LinkedIn. With approximately 90% of employers relying on LinkedIn for candidate evaluation, establishing a strong presence on this platform is crucial. Moreover, recruiters actively leverage LinkedIn to identify potential candidates, and maintaining an active presence enhances your visibility in their searches.

To effectively navigate LinkedIn, it is recommended to start with small, consistent actions:

  • Dedicate 10-15 minutes each day to actively engage on LinkedIn, including creating posts, engaging with others’ content through likes and comments, and participating in relevant groups.
  • Strive to achieve an “All-Star” status on your LinkedIn profile to optimize your visibility in search results.
  • For more valuable insights and guidance, we encourage you to watch our webinar recording titled “How to Successfully Use LinkedIn for Your Remote Job Search.”

By proactively taking these steps on LinkedIn, you can enhance your job search prospects and increase your exposure to potential employers and recruiters.