What should I do about the gap or career break on my resume?


Answered by: ByVirtualist career experts

ByVirtualist’s Career Coaching Team recommends incorporating a placeholder on your resume to address any career gaps effectively.

Research indicates that job applicants who provided a reason for their work gap on their resume and cover letter received nearly 60% more interviews compared to those who didn’t provide any explanation. Disclosing your career break on your resume doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple placeholder in the section where you list your job history can help fill in the gap and provide employers with an understanding of your activities during that period.

Here’s an example:

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Career Break – 12/2019 – Present

  • One of multiple people laid off due to a change in company strategy; consistently received outstanding performance reviews from leadership and peers; departed on good terms.
  • Proactively pursuing certifications within an online format in QuickBooks and Microsoft Office (Excel and Word).

To assist you further, we have prepared a downloadable PDF that includes sample placeholders or “career breaks” to explain employment gaps on your resume. ByVirtualist is dedicated to supporting you in addressing career gaps and presenting your qualifications effectively to potential employers.