What should I write in my LinkedIn Summary or About section?


Answered by: ByVirtualist career experts

Your LinkedIn Summary can be more personal than your resume summary. It’s important that before creating your LinkedIn Summary, you take the time to think about your brand.

To write a strong LinkedIn Summary, begin thinking about:

  • Why you’re in a particular career (or why you’re switching to a new one)?
  • What are your major accomplishments?
  • Who you are helping?
  • What services you offer (either to a company or to clients/customers)?

It’s easier to create your LinkedIn Summary once you have the beginning of your “career brand” in mind. Once you’ve answered those questions, tie it all together in your summary. It can be in a narrative format (using the first person) or in bulleted format (in a list written in the third person).

Either way, your summary is your sales pitch for a recruiter, a potential employer, potential clients, and connections, so craft it carefully. It’s also important to include keywords so that recruiters can find you and try to keep your paragraphs short to make it easier on the eye.

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