When I’m looking for jobs online, I search by job titles. Is there anything else I should be doing to find jobs I want to apply for?


Answered by: ByVirtualist career experts

Certainly! The utilization of job boards’ keyword search functionality can greatly benefit your job search. While it is common to use job titles as primary keywords, it’s important to recognize their limitations, especially if you are open to diverse roles.

In addition to job titles, it is highly recommended to incorporate specific skills as keywords to broaden your search. Consider including the following types of keywords:

  1. Remote-related Keywords: Include terms such as telecommute job, virtual job, remote job, distributed team, home-based, open nationwide, home-shored, location agnostic, and telework to identify remote work opportunities.
  2. Hard and Soft Skills: Incorporate both hard skills (e.g., software engineering) and soft skills (e.g., organized) that are relevant to your desired roles.
  3. Software Programs and Platforms: Specify any specific software programs or platforms you are proficient in or interested in working with.
  4. Certifications or Degrees: Highlight any relevant certifications or degrees you possess that are sought after in your field.
  5. Personality Traits: Consider including keywords related to the personality traits you possess and want to utilize in your work, such as teamwork, leadership, adaptability, or creativity.

By expanding your keyword searches creatively, you can discover a wider range of job opportunities that align with your interests and skills. Explore different combinations and variations to yield diverse and compelling results in your job search!