Resume Review

Your coach will enhance your current resume by applying engaging and up-to-date formatting and content. In addition, you will receive a personalized report containing additional resources. The entire resume review process is conducted through email.

✔ Develop a strong resume suitable for flexible and remote positions.
✔ Skillfully present any employment gaps or breaks.
✔ Streamline the process of tailoring your resume to highlight your most relevant qualifications for each application.

Professional Career Coaching:

During this efficient 30-minute session, you will gain valuable insights into maximizing your job search endeavors and receive expert guidance on enhancing your resume. Following the call, your coach will furnish you with a personalized report that includes additional resources.

✔Obtain valuable support and guidance during career re-entry, change, or transition.
✔Acquire knowledge of effective strategies for conducting a successful remote or virtual job search.
✔Receive answers to your individualized job search and career inquiries.