Resume Review

Through a ByVirtualist Resume Review, you will receive a meticulously crafted foundational resume tailored to your specific circumstances. This process will equip you with the necessary knowledge
and confidence to effortlessly customize your resume for future job applications.

Here’s what you can expect to receive:

  • Comprehensive revision of one existing resume.
  • Ongoing communication with your dedicated coach via email.
  • A personalized recap report encompassing valuable insights and additional resources.


What People Are Saying About Our Career Coaching!


Travis S

Kristen C

I wanted to have a resume that I felt confident about sharing with potential employers. I'm feeling more confident, empowered, and have more clarity on best practices for resume formatting and presentation. Do it; it’s totally worth it!

Hannah B

I am job searching for remote work and needed another set of eyes to improve my resume. I think it is really an improvement and hope the new resume will help land more interviews! It is great to have an outside professional perspective.

Lucy B

Thank you so much for all of the valuable information and insight! I am going to use your suggestions for my job search and updating my resume.

Kristen C

How It Works

To initiate the Resume Review process, you are required to share your most recent resume and respond to essential questions through our intake form. Subsequently, your dedicated coach will curate an enhanced, up-to-date resume that can be easily customized and modified for each job application. The entire resume review process is conducted via email.
Enroll in a Resume Review:
By enrolling in a ByVirtualist Resume Review, you will receive a professional revision and update of a single resume document, enabling you to create a solid foundational resume that can be further refined and tailored independently.
Complete the Intake Form:
Confidentially provide pertinent details about your professional background, skills, achievements, and specific job listings or desired job titles by completing our intake form.
Obtain Your Revised Resume
After your coach obtains all the essential information, they will proceed to enhance your resume. Within a timeframe of 5-7 business days, you will receive the updated document, accompanied by a customized report containing additional resources to enhance your job search.
* Uncertain about the specific job types you are pursuing? We strongly recommend supplementing your Resume Review with a Career Coaching session. Our bundled service combines 30 minutes of personalized guidance with a coach who can assist you in identifying your target job opportunities and subsequently revising and updating your resume to align with those specific roles.


Here are just some of the many reasons to consider a

Resume Review:
  • Acquire a foundational resume that can be conveniently edited and tailored.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of your resume for flexible and remote job opportunities.
  • Steer clear of outdated or erroneous resume formats and content.
  • Enhance your confidence in showcasing your experience and qualifications.
  • Skillfully present any employment gaps or breaks in your professional history.
  • Strategically position yourself for successful career changes or transitions.

Introducing Our Career Coaches

The esteemed career coaching team at ByVirtualist comprises highly experienced career development professionals, boasting an average tenure of 10+ years. Our primary goal is to deliver tailored guidance, practical insights, and valuable resources to our coaching clients, enabling them to effectively navigate their job search and achieve their career aspirations. We specialize in assisting you in effectively showcasing your distinct abilities and circumstances to prospective employers, empowering you to approach your job search and career trajectory with confidence

Betsy Andrews

Anne Alcorn

Keith Spencer

Get started with a one-on-one career coaching session, have your resume reviewed and updated, combine both services in a bundle, or do a mock job interview!


The cost for a Resume Review & Update conducted by a knowledgeable ByVirtualist expert coach is $179. This price represents a significant discount of up to 35% compared to typical rates for resume reviews. Our aim is to assist job seekers in their quest for improved employment opportunities at an expedited pace.
  • Method of Communication: Resume Reviews are conducted exclusively through email
  • Comprehensive Support: For a more comprehensive level of assistance, consider opting for our
    Career Coaching & Resume Review Bundle, which includes a dedicated career coaching call
    alongside the resume service.
  • Sources of Information: The Resume Review process is based on two primary sources of
    information - your current resume version and the completed intake form. Regrettably, coaches may
    not be able to incorporate additional information from other sources.
  • Time Allocation: Your coach will devote up to two hours exclusively to the meticulous review and
    enhancement of a single resume.
  • Turnaround Time: You can expect to receive your updated resume within 5-7 business days once
    your coach has received all the necessary information.
  • Additional Documents: It's important to note that the Resume Review service does not include the
    creation of additional documents such as cover letters.
  • Validity Period: The Resume Review service must be utilized within 90 days of the purchase date.
    Non-Transferable Purchase: Please be aware that your purchase is non-transferable and cannot be
    transferred to another individual.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: In the event that you are unsatisfied with the service, you have the option to
    request a refund within three (3) days of receiving your updated resume

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